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Build your future with our award winning enterprise solutions!

Get industry-leading artificial intelligence driven, cloud based monetization services. Increase your revenue with our full service advertising solutions!

Our smart advertising monetization system helps enterprise level publishers to increase their revenue, with providing the best user experience for their readers.

Modernize your advertising monetization experience with our complete ad stack solution.

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We are proud to be the fourteenth Google Certified Partner
in the world

Who we are?

We started as two people in a small coworking. 10 years later we are a team of 60 people specialized in different fields of ad monetization.

We are a passionate team of many backgrounds with people living and working remotely from 4+ countries.

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What does Google say about us?

Plenty of tools to make your site more successful

Single solution. One ad stack admanagement service for
the most advanced enterprise size publishers.


Multifunctional Ad Tag

Cross-Screen Ad Layout

Rich Media Formats

Lazy load

Banner smart reload

Core Web Vitals essentials

Adblock recovery

Video Technology

Header Bidding Wrapper

Adapter Integration

Adapter Updates

Easy Wrapper Set-Up

Wrapper version updates

Ad Server (Gam)

Ad Server Set-up

Ad Exchange Operation

Open Bidding

Header Bidding Integration

Direct Sales Campaign Management

Core Web Vitals essentials

Value CPM

Audience Management


Initial Set-UP

Inventory Configuration

Inventory valuation

Floor Pricing


Holistic campaign and inventory aproach

Ad mediation

Private Programmatic

Deal Set-up

Inventory Configuration

Inventory valuation

Private Marketplace Management

Programmatic Guaranteed Management

Programmatic Preferred Deal Management

We ensure the quality. Our adtech technology system provides reliable and appropriate ads for users with the highest satisfaction of publishers and advertisers.

Ads.TXT Implementation

We are committed to ensuring that our supply partners are not able to monetize the unauthorized inventory. We have additionally developed a technology that can automate the reading of a site's file and filter out the unauthorized inventory.

Financial stability

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Engaging in business relationships with ethical companies is among the growing priorities of corporations today - based on Dun & Bradstreet Risk Analytics - Ads Interactive has been awarded the prestigious AAA(triple A) certification.


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The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) sets the digital advertising industry standards with ad quality metrics for stakeholders in the ad supply chain. Ads Interactive is proud member of IAB.

Brand safety is one of our main concern, we are committed to provide the safe and protected inventory for our advertisers.

Used by the world's most trusted enterprise size publisers!

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3x Marketing Diamond Award Winner

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